Afua Yorke, PhD.

Afua Yorke is proud fighter of equal rights for women. She has a bachelor’s degree in Physics from Murray State University in Kentucky, and PhD in Biomedical Science (Medical Physics) from Oakland University in Michigan. She worked as a visiting assistant professor at Oberlin College where she taught introductory and upper level physics classes. She is currently a medical physics resident at the University of Washington Medical center training to be competent to practice independently as a radiation oncology physicist. She looks forward to joining a great physics group and to work on the international level in Global Oncology and to advance medical physics education.
Afua is very passionate about girl child education. Coming from a society where girls, and women’s talents are not harnessed she hopes to make an impact on this front and help cultivate the talents of the young women in the society. She believes working with the Girls Excellence Movement will give here the perfect platform to do that.
Afua developed GEM’s 9th Curriculum, GEM STEM also known as GEMS for Girls in Engineering Mathematics and Science. This curriculum was developed to encourage girls to pursue career paths in STEM and to also introduce young girls the different career paths in the basics sciences i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics and how these can be applied in other fields.
She looks forward to being a good role model to the young girls we interacts with and young girls everywhere.