The Girls Excellence Movement – GEM is a registered non-government, non-for-profit youth organisation started as a passion project in 2008 to build the capacity of girls of girls and inspires them to aspire to greater heights. We became a full blown NGO in 2018 with a bigger agenda to groom more women for the decision making arenas, in all fields of human endeavour, from politics to aeronautics.


Our Mission:

To instil the spirit of excellence and achieving in girls and nurture them to become women of substance, taking on leadership in all spheres of life world wide

Our Vision:

To motivate, educate, inspire, mentor and inform to transform girls into Great Women of Excellence



As an organization are to accomplish the following:

1. Groom girls to be ambitious and all-round independent.
2. Empower girls to aspire to greater heights
3. Seek financial support for brilliant but needy girls in deprived areas.
4. Provide career guidance and counselling services for girls in deprived communities
5. Guide girls to identify and pursue their purpose driven life. ·
6. Facilitate the spiritual and educational growth of girls in deprived everywhere·
7. Keep girls in school during their menses.
8. Conduct survey and produce reports to influence gender sensitive policies


♥ Monthly Motivational Outreach (dubbed, GEM Inspiration on Wheels).

♥ Capacity Building Seminars.

♥ Sponsorship and scholarship opportunities for underprivileged girls.

♥ STEM Inspiration-on-Wheels.

♥ National Girls Excellence Summit & Awards.



Our Values:

Our core values are driven by passion and determination to create change in the lives of our target beneficiaries and we believe in:



Team work



Connect with us

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(+233) 24 300 3467
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