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Mission & Vision

Our Mission, Vision and Vow

The secret behind the crafted wordings!

The Girls Excellence Movement – GEM is a registered non-government, non-for-profit youth organisation started as a passion project in 2008 to build the capacity of girls of girls and inspires them to aspire to greater heights. We became a full blown NGO in 2018 with a bigger agenda to groom more women for the decision making arenas, in all fields of human endeavour, from politics to aeronautics.

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Our Mission

To instil the spirit of excellence and achieving in girls and nurture them to become women of substance, taking on leadership in all spheres of life world wide.

Our Vision

To inspire, educate, mentor and inform to transform girls into Great Women of Excellence.

Our Vow

I vow to strive beyond excellence, in all my endeavors The course of equality to champion with my time, skills and other resources. I pledge to inspire, motivate, mentor, educate and inform to transform girls into great leaders of excellence. I promise to lift up the banner of equality in all spheres of life. I pledge myself to stand tall, boldly shine like a GEM and excel beyond all limits. The Lord God be my strength.