The GEM Sanitary Pad Project is a special initiative aimed at supporting senior high school girls in deprived communities to get access to the sanitary pad during their menses within a year for a period of 3-years. The Sanitary Pad distribution is done during the Girls Excellence Movement’s flagship program dubbed GEM- Inspiration-On-Wheels (IOW). It is a capacity-building outreach program purposed to inspire, educate, mentor, motivate and inform to transform girls into great women of excellence. This purpose is also in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 4, Quality Education, and 5, Gender Equality. It was discovered (and research exists to prove) that for lack of sanitary materials, girls miss a class during that period of the month and eventually drop out of school, this project

Project Goals

Make sanitary pads available to 500 Senior High School girls monthly.
Keep 500 Senior High School girls in the classroom during their menses monthly
Demystify the myths surrounding menstruation within 500 senior high school girls monthly
Inspire 500 senior high school girls to excel in their academic endeavors monthly

Project Deliverables

Distribution of 50 boxes of Sanitary Pads to 500 senior high school girls on monthly Inspiration-On-Wheels Outreach
GEM branded documented Training modules for presentations and break-out sessions
Delivery of Menstruation related training and teaching of correct usage and disposal of sanitary pads

Project Stakeholder

Girls in Senior High Schools
GEM Volunteers
Sponsors/Grant Agencies
Private Sector/Corporate entities
Ghana Education Service – GES
Ministry of Education

Project Activities

3 Key Module Presentations (Vision, Studying Effectively and Managing Peer Influence)
Sanitary Pad distribution
Focused Group Break Out sessions
Practical demonstration of Sanitary Pad usage and proper disposal
Transportation of GEM Mentors

Project Schedules

1 July - 31 Jul
1 Aug – 31 Aug
1 Sep – 31 Dec.
1 February till 30th November 2020 till 2023
Note: Project Schedule is subject to changes and adjustments

Project Resources

Sound Equipment
Supplies (Sanitary Pad and Mathematical sets)
Flip Chart and Maker
Teaching & Learning Materials Logistics(Refreshment/Transportation)

Project Uncertainties

Inadequate Funds (High Probability)
Delay in getting approval from School Heads (Medium)
Risk of Accident (Low Probability)
Resistance to change due to cultural barriers (low)

Project Leadership

Sponsor: Grant agencies & Potential Corporate Entities
Team: Juliana Ama Kplorfia, Afua Yorke and Aaron Lawson

Project Collaboration

Partnership Collaboration
Corporate Entities